Liquefied Natural Gas Limited

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (LNGL) is an Australian public company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our business is to bring a dynamic concept of mid-scale liquefied natural gas ("LNG") projects to the international energy market.

Our portfolio includes the following companies:

  • Magnolia LNG LLC (Magnolia LNG), an 8 million tonne per annum (mtpa) or greater LNG export terminal development in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA
  • Bear Head LNG Corporation (Bear Head LNG), an 8 mtpa or greater LNG export terminal development in Richmond County, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Bear Paw Pipeline Corporation Inc. (Bear Paw), which is proposing to construct and operate a 62.5 km gas pipeline lateral to connect gas supply to Bear Head LNG
  • LNG Technology Pty Ltd, which owns and develops the Company's OSMR® LNG Liquefaction process, a mid-scale LNG business model that plans to deliver lower capital and operating costs, faster construction, and improved efficiency, relative, to larger traditional LNG projects.

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