OSMR® Technology

OSMR Technology

LNG Technology Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of LNGL, designed and patented the optimized single mixed refrigerant (OSMR®) process. OSMR® is a low cost, highly efficient, environmentally friendly, robust and low risk technology that has the potential to benefit many future LNG projects.

OSMR® process combines several well-proven, existing technologies into one integrated system. Integration of these primary components comprise the core liquefaction process resulting in a plant with the industry's lowest full cycle cost, and a considerably more efficient design arrangement that generates lower emissions and improved project economics.

The following primary components comprise the core liquefaction process:

  • The single mixed refrigerant (SMR) liquefaction process is at the heart of the OSMR® process, which optimizes the SMR process with ammonia pre-cooling
  • Use of ammonia as a pre-cooling refrigerant, having superior refrigeration properties to propane, allows for smaller condensers, exchangers, and general plant size
  • Gas turbine waste heat steam generation (combined cycle providing motive power to the ammonia refrigeration system)
  • A closed loop ammonia refrigeration circuit, driven by steam recovered from waste heat mentioned above, pre-cools the mixed refrigerant and directly cools inlet air to the gas turbines
  • Highly efficient and reliable aero-derivative gas turbines

These technologies, applied and proven in other industries, integrate within the OSMR® process to generate performance improvements. The OSMR® technology results in a reliable LNG plant that is relatively simple to design, construct, operate and maintain.

For more details click here for paper on "OSMR® Liquefaction Process for LNG Projects"; and here for an article on how this technology optimises the LNG process.


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