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Natural gas is an important element in the greenhouse gas emissions reduction options available to the global energy supply. The physical nature of the key component of natural gas makes it the cleanest burning of all hydrocarbons, emitting up to 50% less carbon dioxide per unit of energy delivered than other fossil fuels. Natural gas delivers energy without releasing smoke, soot, particulates, sulfur and other pollutants, it is truly a clean-burning fuel. Natural gas currently represents just under 25% of the world’s energy supply but is steadily growing. It is used in electrical power plants, factories, as a feedstock for the production of other materials, and for heating homes and offices. Natural gas is also seeing increasing use as a transportation fuel, both as compressed natural gas and as liquefied natural gas (LNG) for fueling ships, long haul trucks, buses, and even automobiles. Importantly, natural gas serves as a complementary fuel supporting increased use of renewable energy (wind, solar) into electrical power supply grids. Efficient natural gas-fired power plants can react quickly to load changes to balance power grids, picking up variations during times when sun and wind are not available, maintaining the stability of electricity supply. Natural gas is abundant, reliable, inexpensive and easy to transport through efficient pipeline networks. Over even longer distances, and for destination flexibility, natural gas can be liquefied by chilling into LNG, reducing its volume by 600 times for efficient transportation to distant consumers. Once delivered, the LNG is warmed back into a vapor for local distribution and use.

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