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Energy Link Strategy

We apply a three-path execution strategy to realize our Vision.

Path 1:  Develop projects using our OSMR® Technology Solutions

Path 2:  Use OSMR® Technology Solutions to gain entry into new and existing third-party projects

Path 3:  License the OSMR® liquefaction  technology to third-parties

The Company's 'Energy Link' strategy is to safely develop mid-scale LNG export terminals to link proven gas reserves with existing LNG buyers. We aim to remain at the forefront of approach to LNG development and processing technology to ensure the Company's LNG terminal development projects are world competitive in terms of capital and operating costs, operating efficiencies, and environmental impact. We seek to ensure our neighbouring communities benefit from our operations on an enduring basis while we minimize and mitigate any potential impact of our presence.

Our approach to site selection and project development reflects the importance placed on existing infrastructure, land access, gas supply, regulatory regime, and other similar differentiating key business drivers.

We look to contract on a fixed-price, turnkey basis using LNG industry experienced EPC contractors. The modular construction approach and consistent use of EPC contractors allows repeatability with respect to the OSMR® liquefaction trains, further improving economics.

Our preference for modular fabrication translates into inherently safer construction sites and reduced on-site labor while providing a high degree of quality and schedule control.

LNGL conducts business in an ethical, fair and honest manner. We are committed to participating in the highly competitive global LNG industry with the highest degree of integrity, absent use of any corrupt practices to obtain a business advantage. We aim to secure and safeguard an appropriate “License to Operate” in all our operations and do so through active engagement with our host communities and key stakeholders.

Our Logo

We chose the red ant as our logo because it is distinctive and bold and represents strength, teamwork, energy, hard work and perseverance - characteristics we aim to make trademarks of our corporate culture.

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Email Alerts

Whether you're a shareholder or not you can subscribe to receive all company announcements through our Email Alerts service.