Project Description

The Bear Paw Pipeline Project will involve permanent installation of a 42-inch outside diameter welded pipe starting in or near the vicinity of the Goldboro industrial area. A compressor station will be built near the southern end of the pipeline.  The pipeline will cross dozens of watercourses including the Strait of Canso.

Project activities will include environmental studies, permits and approvals followed by final engineering.  The construction phase will include site preparation, pipeline installation, watercourse crossings and restoration of the disturbed area in the pipeline right-of-way.
Work is underway to determine the final route of the pipeline project.  The pipeline route study corridor is located in a mostly rural area of Nova Scotia and covers an area of approximately 3,112 hectares (7,690 acres), approximately 50% of which is provincial crown land.  Small clusters of residential dwellings are located in the vicinity of the corridor in Guysborough County.  The pipeline corridor on the Cape Breton Island side of the Strait of Canso is approximately 2.5 km (1.5 miles) in length and is entirely in an area designated for port and heavy industrial development as part of the Point Tupper Industrial Park. 
To the extent feasible, the Bear Paw pipeline corridor generally parallels the existing Maritimes and Northeast (M&NP) Point Tupper Lateral natural gas pipeline and the Sable Offshore Energy Inc. natural gas liquids pipeline.  Bear Paw Pipeline Corporation Inc. will carefully evaluate sections where the preferred corridor may have to deviate from the existing right-of-way due to areas of wetlands, water crossings, sensitive habitat, steep terrain and sharp bends.  It will also avoid buildings and structures.
The pipeline will be approximately 62.5 km in length with a maximum allowable operating pressure of approximately 1,440 psi.

Bear Paw Pipeline will closely follow this right-of-way of two existing pipelines.

Strait crossing
Crossing point of existing pipelines at the Strait of Canso.

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