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What are the head office contact details for Liquefied Natural Gas Limited?

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited
ABN 19 101 676 779

Level 25, 20 Bond Street
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Telephone: +61 (0)2 7201 8312
Facsimile: +61 (0)2 8580 4666

Which stock exchange is Liquefied Natural Gas Limited listed on?

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The home exchange is Sydney.

Who are the auditors for Liquefied Natural Gas Limited?

Ernst & Young
The Ernst & Young Building
11 Mounts Bay Road
Perth, WA, 6000

What is Liquefied Natural Gas Limited's principal share registry?

Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South    NSW 1235  Australia
Telephone (within Australia): 1300 554 474
Telephone (outside Australia): +61 1300 554 474
Facsimile: +61 2 9287 0303

How can I obtain a copy of Liquefied Natural Gas Limited's Annual Report?

A copy of the annual report can be downloaded in the Investor section of this website. The report is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view it.

Can I subscribe or unsubscribe to alerts about Liquefied Natural Gas Limited's progress?

Yes, you can register to receive alerts by email from LNGL. As and when Media Releases and ASX Announcements are posted, these will be published on the website and sent to your nominated email address. To subscribe or unsubscribe for email alerts click here.

What is Liquefied Natural Gas Limited's privacy policy?

We have a Privacy Policy which is specific to your use of this website. It includes information on the way we collect, distribute and disclose information. To view our Privacy Policy click here.

How do I contact Investor and Media Relations?

Media should contact Micah Hirschfield at

For investor relations, please email

What is LNG?

LNG is liquefied natural gas, a clear, colourless, non-toxic liquid that forms when natural gas is cooled to -162ºC (-260ºF). This shrinks the volume of the gas 600 times, making it easier to store and ship.

What is an LNG Train?

An LNG train is a liquefied natural gas plant's liquefaction and purification facility. In order to make it practical and commercially viable to transport natural gas from one country to another, its volume has to be greatly reduced.

What is OSMR®?

OSMR® stands for Optimized Single Mixed Refrigerant, a highly efficient LNG process that utilizes industry-proven systems in an improved gas liquefaction configuration. This patented process uses a single mixed refrigerant process powered by gas turbines; with enhancements which include combined heat and power and an ammonia refrigeration system to improve liquefaction capacity and efficiency and to reduce emissions.

What is the description of LNGL’s equity securities?

Common Stock overview

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: LNG). These common stock securities represent equityownership in Liquefied Natural Gas Limited, providing voting rights, and entitling the holder to a share of the Company's success through dividends and/or capital appreciation.

American Depository Receipt (ADR) overview

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited maintains a sponsored Level 1 ADR (OTC: LNGLY) program through Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (Deutsche Bank) acting as the depository bank.

ADR details:
Ticker: LNGLY
Structure: Level 1 ADR
Exchange: OTC
Ratio (ADR:ORD): 1 : 4
DR ISIN: US53632G1094
CUSIP: 53632G109

Contact details for ADR investors and brokers:
Deutsche Bank ADR broker services desks
New York: +1 212 250 9100+1 212 250 9100

London: +44 207 547 6500+44 207 547 6500

Contact details for registered ADR holders:
Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Operations Center
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11219

Toll-free number: +1 800 937 5449 / +1 800 937 5449
Direct Dial: +1 718 921 8124 / +1 718 921 8124

Who is Liquefied Natural Gas Limited’s depositary for ADRs?

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas is the depositary bank for Liquefied Natural Gas Limited’s ADR program. The depositary bank plays a key role in issuance as well as cancellation of ADRs. It also maintains the ADR holder register, distributes the dividends in US dollars (if applicable) and facilitates the exercise by the ADRs holders of their voting rights (if applicable).

What if I hold my Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ADRs in a nominee account?

For those holders which are not registered because their shares are held through a ‘street name’ (or nominee account), your nominee will receive company documents from time-to-time from Deutsche Bank to distribute to you. You need to make arrangements with your nominee if you wish to receive such documents and to be able to exercise your vote through the depositary bank at general meetings (if applicable).

What is an ADR?

An ADR is a negotiable US dollar denominated certificate representing ownership of share(s) in a non-US company. ADRs were specifically designed to facilitate the purchase, holding, and sale of non-US securities by US investors.

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ADRs represent Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ordinary shares deposited with the depositary bank, to underlie such certificates, and carry the rights attached to them as detailed in the Depositary Agreement. Holders of ADRs receive dividends in US dollars (if applicable) and have the right to vote on shareholders’ resolutions (if applicable).

What is an ADR ratio?

The ADR ratio defines the numeric relationship between the number of ADRs and the number of ordinary shares. Every 1 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ADR represents 4 ordinary Liquefied Natural Gas Limited common shares. This means each ADR share you purchased is worth the equivalent of 4 shares on the Australian Stock Exchange.

What are the benefits of ADRs to US investors?

US investors may prefer to purchase ADRs rather than ordinary shares in Liquefied Natural Gas Limited’s home market because ADRs trade, clear, and settle according to US market conventions. ADRs allow chiefly US investors to diversify into non-US securities.

What types of companies issue ADRs?

ADR issuers are typically large corporations with primary listings outside of the US. Any non-US company seeking to raise capital in the US or increase their base of US investor can also issue ADRs.

Where are Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ADRs traded?

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ADRs are traded over-the-counter (OTC) on the electronic market operated by OTCMarkets. For more information, visit

What currency are Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ADRs denominated in?

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited ADRs are denominated in US dollars.

What is the difference between a registered ADR holder and a beneficial ADR holder?

A registered holder is the party whose name appears on the books of the depositary bank. The registered holder is considered the owner of record. A beneficial holder is the ultimate owner of the security, whose holdings are registered in a name other than their own, such as in the name of a broker, bank or nominee.

What is the difference between LNG, LNGLY and LNGLF securities?

This overview is provided in response to certain investor questions regarding the differences between LNG, LNGLY and LNGLF.

The common stock of Liquefied Natural Gas Limited’s (LNGL) common stock is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: LNG). The LNG security represents equity ownership in LNGL, providing voting rights, and entitling the holder to a share of LNGL’s success through dividends and/or capital appreciation.

LNGL sponsors a Level 1 ADR program which consists of negotiable certificates issued by Deutsche Bank representing a specified number of common stock shares in LNGL that are traded OTC in the US (OTC: LNGLY). As a sponsored ADR, LNGL supports the listing of LNGLY. LNGLY is denominated in US dollars with an ADR ratio of one ADR share equaling four shares of LNG. The underlying common stock security (being four shares of LNG common stock to each ADR share) is held in trust by Deutsche Bank. Because LNGLY securities are sponsored by LNGL, they are considered part of LNGL’s equity and therefore carry voting rights and entitlement to a share of LNGL’s success through dividends and/or capital appreciation and will also be considered in planning any future U.S. or other exchange listing or any other capital transaction.

LNGLF is a derivative security traded in the US by market makers who are unaffiliated with LNGL. A derivative is a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties, with its value determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset(s) value. LNGL understands that in the case of LNGLF, the underlying asset is the LNG common stock traded on the ASX on a one-to-one basis. Although the performance of LNGLF tracks the performance of LNG shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, LNGLF securities do not represent direct or sponsored equity ownership in LNGL. As such, investors in LNGLF shares are not eligible to vote as shareholders of LNGL and are not eligible to receive dividend distributions, as applicable, from LNGL. Further, in the event of any future US or other exchange listing or any other capital transaction, LNGL will not consider LNGLF securities in its plans. As LNGL has no agreement or communication with the market makers controlling the LNGLF securities, LNGL is unable to provide any guidance as to how those market makers would deal with those securities in the event of such listing or transaction.

Additionally, we understand that some brokerage firms may refer to investments in LNG shares made on the ASX by using the ticker symbol LNGLF in transaction confirmations and/or individual investment portfolio reports.  LNGL does not control the characterization of these transactions or the ticker symbols used by these brokerage firms in describing LNG share investments to its customers.

If you have additional questions, please contact your financial advisor.


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